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3020 W. Armitage Ave, Chicago, Illinois, 60647
Our Booking PolicyWe understand that you have individual needs and are intentional to craft each session with care. No matter what you choose, we will assess and discuss options to make sure you get what you need.


About us

Urban Escape Healing holds space for the individual seeking a more clear and connected life. We come together to deepen our understanding and awareness of our mind/body/spirit. As we learn and evolve, we can find a more meaningful flow in life. We explore a variety of healing methods inspired by ancient wisdom and modern application. Our use of the senses and the elements help you remember which you are. Our organic and custom approach creates an experience that harnesses the healing power of your body.

Our sessions introduce people to a holistic understanding. The simple is celebrated and every effort is made to keep these teachings accessible. We provide a sacred space for people to explore themselves in a genuine way. There is NO judgment / NO dogma. We are a community that shares love and provides support as you become more accountable for your healing. We exist as a reminder to slow down and listen, bringing peace and a sense of greater purpose. It is amazing what one can do with better flow in their body, system, and life.

We are the change we seek in this world, and by living a life of compassion and awareness we harmonize with all. We believe that if you have a space to heal yourself, you may have an opportunity to share it with others. And that feels so good!

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64 reviews
  • Michele·

    What a truly transcendent and healing environment Neale has cultivated in his studio. I was nervous at my first appointment as I had never had bodywork before, but I was put at ease and comfort with Neale instantly. What a truly beautiful soul he has and he puts such caring intention into every step of his healing modality. I truly can’t recommend him enough, for both his talent and expertise as well as his spirit that he shares so openly. You will love every minute you spend with this gifted healer.

  • Aricka·

    Wonderful as always! And now I’ll be more mindful of my write-ceps and how I stretch between sessions. Also all the lymphatic draining during these winter months is *chef’s kiss*. Thanks again Neale!

  • Maggie·

    Neale is such a genuine guy and his work is informative, uplifting, and you'll definitely come out of time with him more grounded in your body. He takes great care to understand the larger context of specific manifestations of pain or discomfort to get deep at the source. His use of musical instruments/ rhythm/sound and awareness of energetic pathways in the body is so unique to his work, and I truly can't recommend him enough!

  • Lauren·

    Have been seeing Neale for massage for around a year now and he is the best. He is extremely attentive and committed to helping his clients feel better. Cannot recommend enough!

  • Aricka Foreman·

    Neale! So much gratitude for collaborating with you in healing. Two sessions in and I feel much more equipped to manage my pain and anxiety. So empowering! Highly recommend adding Urban Escape Healing to your care network 🌱

  • Tina·

    Had my first session with him and absolutely loved it!! A great experience and education at the same time, he was a pleasant surprise when I didn’t know what to expect. I’ll definitely be coming back again soon!

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